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Sports Physical

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If you or your child needs a sports physical to play organized sports, you can trust the highly trained, board-certified primary care team at AFM Healthcare, with two locations in Winter Park and Oviedo, Florida. They offer a combined 50 years of health care experience in completing general and sports physicals. Schedule an appointment for you or your child by calling the office, or using the online booking feature today.

Sports Physical Q & A

What is a sports physical?

A sports physical is a comprehensive physical examination in which your provider determines if you or your child is healthy enough to compete in sports training and competitions safely. 

Schools and sports teams might require a sports physical prior to participation. Physical examinations can detect or rule out heart issues and other potentially serious health problems.

What happens during a sports physical?

When you arrive at an appointment for a sports physical at AFM Healthcare, your provider completes the following:

Vital signs check

During a vital signs check, your AFM Healthcare specialist evaluates your weight, pulse, temperature, blood pressure, and other vital signs to screen for medical problems.

Medical history review

Your provider reviews your medical history to screen for disease risk factors. They ask questions about medications you may take, past diagnoses, prior surgeries, and family history of disease.

Physical examination

During the physical examination portion of a sports physical, your doctor evaluates your eyes, ears, throat, breathing, heartbeat, limbs, reflexes, and more. They look for signs of illness, disease, or injury that might require further evaluation or treatment.

Diagnostic testing

If you’re at risk of a health problem or your provider detects signs of one during screening or your exam, they might recommend you undergo specific diagnostic tests. Examples include allergy or asthma testing, urine tests, blood tests, heart function tests, X-rays, or other diagnostic imaging procedures.

Will I need treatment after my sports physical?

If you’re in good health, you probably won’t require treatment unless it’s preventive, such as taking dietary supplements, making dietary changes, or receiving vaccinations. 

The highly trained team at AFM Healthcare also offers vitamin B12 injections, asthma and allergy treatment, diabetes management, and more.

They may recommend you take certain medications, use an inhaler during exercise, wear a brace because of an injury, or see a specialist in the case of a complex medical problem. If you pass your sports physical, your doctor fills out the required sports physical forms.

If you or your child is due for a sports physical, you can trust the expert AFM Healthcare team with their care. Schedule a physical by phone or by booking online today.