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Blood Work

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In certain cases, you need bloodwork to determine more information about your health. At AFM Healthcare, with locations in Winter Park and Oviedo, Florida, the team of board-certified doctors performs comprehensive testing to accurately diagnose and provide the right care. To schedule an appointment for a consultation about testing and bloodwork, call the office closest to you or book your appointment online today.

Blood Work Q & A

What is bloodwork?

Bloodwork helps your doctor at AFM Healthcare check for certain markers that can detect disease or deficiencies in your body. It can also determine your heart’s condition or a particular ailment.

The results of your bloodwork are measured against what is considered normal. These expectations depend on such factors as your age, gender, and other components pertaining to your health.

If your results show abnormalities, you can rely on your doctor’s expertise for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Why would I need bloodwork?

Bloodwork allows your medical professional at AFM Healthcare to learn about your overall health and well-being. It also provides a more in-depth look at the function of your organs and helps to determine the success of certain treatments you might be using to support your body.

Your doctor might require bloodwork to:

  • Check your cholesterol levels
  • Check your thyroid
  • Screen for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  • Evaluate your organs
  • Measure your blood sugar levels
  • Check your nutrient levels
  • Test your liver and kidney function
  • Evaluate the efficacy of your medications

Bloodwork can also be used to determine the root cause of any symptoms you might be experiencing.

What information does bloodwork provide?

Bloodwork offers a complete blood count (CBC), which allows your doctor to see if you have any blood disorders. Your blood test measures:

  • Red and white blood cells
  • Platelets
  • Hemoglobin
  • Hematocrit

When your levels are out of range, you might have a medical condition, such as diabetes, anemia, or cancer.

Bloodwork also helps your doctor determine if you need further testing for additional health issues.

How is a bloodwork procedure performed?

When you come into the practice at AFM Healthcare, your nurse or lab technician cleans the area of your arm where the blood will be withdrawn. They then tie a rubber band above your elbow to help your veins bulge for easy access. 

Your nurse inserts the needle through your skin and into your vein to withdraw your blood into a tube and then releases the rubber band. Once the withdrawal is complete, your technician removes the needle and covers the site with a bandage.

The process can cause slight discomfort, but it happens quickly and lasts for only a short time. If your doctor requires minor testing, you may only need a finger prick, which is quick and fairly painless.

To find out if you need bloodwork for a more in-depth look at your health, call the office nearest you or request an appointment online today.