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Minor Biopsy

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If you experience new or unusual symptoms or are at risk of a medical problem, a minor biopsy can detect health issues before serious complications arise. At AFM Healthcare, with two locations in Winter Park and Oviedo, Florida, board-certified primary care specialists offer minor biopsy procedures to diagnose your condition and ensure you receive top-quality care. Schedule an appointment with AFM Healthcare over the phone or online today.

Minor Biopsy Q & A

What is a minor biopsy?

A biopsy at AFM Healthcare is a minor procedure in which your provider removes tissues or cells from a specific part of your body. They send the sample to a laboratory, where a pathologist examines cells under a microscope to detect or rule out tissue damage and diseases. 

Your primary care specialist might take tissue samples from your skin to detect skin cancer, or from your cervix to screen for signs of cervical cancer. They can remove moles, warts, and other skin lesions. 

If you experience signs of a serious medical problem requiring an extensive biopsy, your primary care provider can refer you to a specialist as needed.

Is a minor biopsy right for me?

To find out if you’re a good candidate for a minor biopsy, your AFM Healthcare provider reviews your medical history and asks about symptoms you might have. 

They complete a physical examination and evaluate areas of your skin or other parts of your body containing abnormal-looking moles, skin lesions, or other unusual tissues.

What should I expect during a minor biopsy?

Prior to undergoing a minor biopsy, your primary care provider numbs the treatment area as needed to prevent any discomfort. They might use one of several procedures to remove a sample of tissue. Examples include:

  • Shave biopsy
  • Punch biopsy
  • Excisional biopsy

Your provider can make a tiny incision to remove tissue, use a punch tool, or shave tissue using a specialized razor-like device. They close the incision or cover the treatment area with a bandage to ensure it heals properly, and send the tissue sample to a lab for analysis.

What happens after a minor biopsy?

There’s no downtime after a minor biopsy, so you can resume normal daily activities right away. Your provider might apply ointment to the area to prevent infection and cover it with a bandage.

If you experience soreness after a biopsy, take over-the-counter pain relievers or other medicines as directed by your doctor. Follow all post-biopsy instructions.

When your doctor receives lab results after a biopsy, they review them with you and let you know if you have a medical condition that requires further treatment. If so, they discuss treatment options with you or refer out to a specialist as needed.

If you experience new or unusual conditions, especially changes in skin lesions, schedule an appointment with AFM Healthcare by phone or online. They can determine if a minor skin biopsy is right for you.