We believe that there is a significant benefit to discussing your health openly and honestly with your primary care provider. At the least, you’ll achieve a better understanding of what your body’s limits might be as you age. What ailments you should watch out for symptoms of if you have a family history of any chronic illnesses that you’ll need to be aware of. And, perhaps most importantly, we’ll be able to discuss how it feels to be in your own skin.

Your provider and you can determine if your energy issues are due to something besides potential seasonal depression. You’ll be able to determine if the headaches you’ve been having aren’t pointing to something far more serious. Most importantly, you’ll be able to discuss treatments for anything that might be bothering you currently.

This invaluable exchange should likely be done more than once per year, but we understand that not everyone has the time, or money, to pursue regular check-ins in that manner when they don’t feel as if their health is currently declining. However, whenever you need a routine medical check-up to offer you peace of mind and a way to move forward, we’re here to support you.

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