Whether your child is enrolled in high school sports or they participate year round on a club team, injuries are always something that can happen and that you need to be wary of. They come in all different shapes and sizes and can affect your child in a myriad of ways, which is why it’s always good to do your best to prevent them right from the get-go.

The team at AFM Healthcare in Winter Park has been there for various athletes both before and after an injury has occurred. In fact, helping athletes remain healthy and safe is one of our top priorities. That is why, in today’s blog, we will be going over a few of the different things that you can do to proactively reduce the chances of your child getting injured during their sports season. Let’s go ahead and jump right in.


One of the very best things that your child can do is to prioritize their sports exam. While this is a requirement by all schools, there’s a reason that they’ve put this in place. These exams help students and coaches understand what is currently going on in that child’s body. Are there muscles that are weak and need not be pushed? Are there diet restrictions that could affect the way that they prepare for meets or competitions? Is their body lacking a specific vitamin that helps to build strong, healthy bones? All of these questions are things considered by the medical professional during your child’s sports exam, and they’re intended to help prevent injuries down the road. So, the best thing that you can do is take these exams seriously. 


Another thing that many young athletes don’t take nearly as seriously as they should is stretching. This particular step of the exercise, workout, or competition may seem like a waste of time or something that doesn’t benefit them. Stretching, however, does quite a bit for our bodies — even if we don’t fully recognize it at first. 

Stretching is done to help loosen up our muscles. As the name suggests, stretching helps us stretch out our muscles so that they’re prepared for the physical activity that we are about to be doing. By stretching before and after, our muscles are not only more likely to handle the physical activity they’re about to do, but they’re more likely to heal at a healthy and rapid rate. If they’re able to both prepare and heal relatively quick, the chances of an injury are so much less likely. 


The last point that we’re going to touch on today is something that every child athlete needs to be aware of: physical limits. At a young age, it’s easy to get carried away with the ideas of trophies, ribbons, and an overall winning season. In high school, it can be difficult not to crumble under the pressure of college scholarships and scouts coming to games or matches. Even so, it’s crucial that your athlete understands their limits.

Regardless of the activity, physical limits exist. Of course, it’s necessary to break barriers in order to improve — we get that — but pushing boundaries little by little is completely different than going beyond the athletes limits. Whether it’s running just a little bit further, lifting just five pounds more, or trying a move that you haven’t properly stretched for, your body signals when it’s reached its limit. By ignoring these signs, an athlete increases the chances of an injury. This is why we suggest talking to your child in a positive light about their limits and how to recognize them. 


Whether your child has yet to receive their medical exam for the sports season or they are showing signs of an injury, you can always count on the team at AFM Healthcare in Winter Park to be there. We offer school physicals and sports exams so that your child can be fully aware of their current health long-before the season starts. Aside from that, we can help ensure they’re up to date on all of their vaccines, blood work, and that they have the medication that they need to live happy and healthy. 

Contact our office today with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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