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In our previous blog posts, we’ve been discussing the coronavirus in all its entirety. From mental health protocols, health and nutrition, and in-depth articles about the virus. Today, we are going to be giving you some updates about the current standings about the virus, the state of the United States, and how you can further protect yourself and your loved ones. Keep reading to learn more! 


First, it’s important to understand that things are changing drastically and at a daily pace. There is always new information that is being released, which can feel overwhelming. To best keep yourself aware of what is going on, be sure to keep up to date and check in with your local state governments. While the federal government has set certain rules, it is up to the local states and cities to determine what is best for their own area. While some areas of the world are beginning to reopen, others are still on strict stay at home orders. There are even some areas that are having their stay at home orders increased. The CDC is also a great place to get the most current public information about the virus. You can visit the CDC online to receive this information and keep yourself updated.


According to the CDC, that is updated daily, as of May 27, there have been a total of 1,678, 843 cases and 99, 031 deaths. The age range of these cases varies but the majority of cases are in people ages 18-44 and 45-64. When filtered by race, the majority of cases were predominantly white, followed by African Americans. Of course, everyone is susceptible to the disease, which is why it is so important to continue the practices of social distancing, wearing a mask, and only visiting public areas when you absolutely have to or are required to go out.


So, what does that mean for people moving forward? Recently, the CDC has had national surveillance to try and help stop the spread of this infectious disease. As of now, the CDC has listed specific goals for the COVID-19 National Surveillance. These goals are:



Right now, over 30 states are reporting more than 10,000 cases of COVID-19. The more populated states like California, Texas, New York, Florida, and others are still at the highest risk and will most likely stay “closed” for longer periods of time than other states. 



If you think you are exhibiting symptoms of coronavirus, such as fever, shortness of breath, etc, you should consult a doctor. It’s also important that you call your physician’s office first before going in and exposing anyone else. Your doctor will have the correct protocol for you, which you should adhere to strictly. Antibody blood tests are also available which can check your blood by looking for antibodies that would show if you had previous infection of the virus. To receive either test, connect with your local doctors office. 



While the majority of the world is slowly returning to normal activities and openings, not all businesses are open or plan to open any time soon. It’s important that you listen to your local and state governments and keep up to date with what is going on. You can follow your favorite restaurants and businesses page on social media, which will also help keep you in the know. 


It’s also important to understand that not everyone will feel comfortable returning to normal life activities. Be aware of who you’re around and respect everyone’s wishes. There is no right or wrong way to handle this situation, especially when it comes to returning to normalcy. 


At AFM Healthcare, we are closely following the CDC’s recommendations that are pertaining to the coronavirus and will be posting updates about our Oviedo and Winter Park locations throughout all of our accounts. This includes our social media, too. 

If you are or think you’re having symptoms of coronavirus, please call our office before coming in. We can set up televisit appointments. We do urge you, if you’re feeling sick with any of the symptoms, to avoid going to public offices like emergency rooms or urgent care clinics.  For more information about what we’re doing or questions about what to do if you’re feeling symptoms, connect with us today! We’re here for you.

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