As a primary care medical clinic, we’re inspired by your pursuit of health and wellness. There’s nothing we love more than the idea of you fulfilling your potential, uninhibited by any issues you’re having with how your body functions currently or in the past. We pursue health and wellness with a passion because we know that the community here in Oviedo that we love so well, wouldn’t be able to function with such finesse and character without every single member being apart of it. Thus, our job is to make sure every single member can access the health assistance they need to make their daily lives better. 

If you’re concerned about affordability, don’t be. We work with as many insurance providers as we can so that we can offer as many people in Oviedo the care they need at the cost they think is manageable. We even accept government healthcare programs just so that we can help more of the folks in our area. 

We’re excited to help you start solving your health problems, finding treatments that make you feel better and helping your pursue a better day-to-day lifestyle through better primary care services.


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