A father and a pair of children are on a beach at sunset, he's swinging both children by the arms.

Father’s Day is right around the corner and so is summer. It’s exciting to be able to celebrate your dad and all the lovely years you’ve had with him by your side. It’s a day to celebrate more than just the man himself, it’s a day to celebrate the years of memories and impact that fathers everywhere have had on the lives of their children and those around them. It’s also a day to reflect on the health of your father and ensure that he’ll be around to make more memories for years to come. The best way to do that is to approach the subject with grace and help your father realize that maintaining his health is of the utmost importance.

The Facts

Unfortunately, there are many statistics that support the hypothesis that men are more likely to pass earlier than women. In fact, it’s estimated that men die an average of five years younger than women do. This is likely due to a couple of factors: men are less likely to have health insurance and men are more likely than women to be under extreme stress at work. However, there are quite a few ways to honor national Men’s Health Month and Father’s day to make sure Dad is always around to bestow sage advice and complain about his favorite sports team.

Encourage Healthy Habits

Many things that contribute to men having shorter life spans are preventable with diligent care. Prevention for healthcare always starts with finding a healthcare professional that you like and don’t mind seeing regularly. This can help keep things like weight gain, blood pressure, cholesterol check ins, and even monitoring prostate cancer screenings which provide baselines for future tests. This helps you and your doctor find potential red flags early so you can keep an eye on them and treat them as they come. Talking dad into maybe going out and having a more physical lifestyle is a very successful way to keep physical ailments at bay for longer. Making it a social activity is always a plus, as it encourages social interactions along with physical activities, and it makes the whole thing more fun. Help him find a recreational league of a sport he enjoys or invest in a new bike for his Father’s Day gift. There are tons of cycling groups around Winter Park, that go on group rides and help you stay active and get out in the sun which are all good things for promoting good health and wellness.

Healthy Eating Habits Are a Must

Maybe, instead of a red meat-centered barbeque for Father’s Day this year, why not try one of the new Impossible Burgers or salmon burgers instead? Encouraging low cholesterol and a more health-conscious diet can only ever be a good thing for your whole family and Dad.

Most Importantly: Make It Clear You Care

There have been some reasoning that suggests that men don’t think of their own self-care very often because they’re more focused on protecting and caring for the people they love. Extending a gentle reminder that caring for himself and increasing his own longevity is, by extension, the best way he can continue to care for those that he loves most.

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