1. Tips for Running in Colder Weather

    Whether you are someone that is just getting into the sport of running or it’s your first time running regularly in Florida, the idea of running out in the cold weather can be a bit daunting. Even so, a majority of runners are always willing to throw on some layers and get in the miles. So, if it…Read More

  2. Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Candy

    Halloween is coming up on us quickly. In the next month, kiddos around the nation will be dressing up in their cute (or scary) costumes and going from house to house asking the question that always rewards them with candy: “Trick or Treat?”  While candy has always been the thing to giveaway to …Read More

  3. Avoiding the Back-to-School Wave of Sickness

    In the next couple of days, or weeks for some, children will all start heading back to school. This time may be less than exciting for kids given that summer fun and outdoor adventures are now winding down, but it’s definitely a time to breathe easy for most parents. At least, that’s the case un…Read More